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Greenroom Decor LLC, now hosting events in our new White Center Hall, installs temporary lounge interiors and furnishings throughout the greater Seattle area specializing in a mix of modern and iconic vintage pieces to compliment many of Seattle's most interesting settings and venues. We enjoy helping event professionals and anyone needing temporary and long term interior-design solutions. I've always felt the environment your surrounded by says much about you, I'm here to help.  

Reason for Starting:

All this began while working in the early 90's with friends in the music industry needing help producing shows, moving gear or whatever was needed that day.

By pure luck, my first gig was at the King Dome running for the Rolling Stones production crew installing the Voodoo Lounge and dressing rooms for the tour. That was a very memorable moment I repeated a few years later with the same crew.

For the better part of a decade, concert production paid the bills, slowly fading away after the dot com bubble.

My production work setting stage and assisting promotors and talent alike with interiors served me well as the work shifted toward tech sponsored events and the overall transformation of Seattle, I'm one of the few lucky ones that kept on working into and trough it all. It's been a wonderful experience thus far ; )

Dave provided my wife and I with furniture for our wedding. Our reception was on a rooftop in the summer, so we were a little concerned about potential weather. Dave and his team were super easy to work with; very flexible, had great ideas about layout, potential furniture that would fit our idea, and most important--reliable! Day of, they showed up exactly when they were supposed to, quickly did every thing that was needed and clear communication in pick-up. The furniture itself was great; great condition, clean, and sturdy. All in all, one of the easiest coordination pieces of our big day, and Dave was just a pleasure to work with. Also, very reasonable pricing.
Thank you Dave!
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